The Truth About Residential Fire Sprinklers

The Truth About Residential Fire Sprinklers 2017-03-25T15:02:35+00:00

Question 1

Are new home just as safe as older homes?

Question 2

Why were fire sprinklers added to the national model codes?

Question 3

Homebuilders argue that fire sprinklers are not necessary; that smoke detectors are all that is needed. Is that true?

Question 4

Did the fire sprinkler industry high-jack the code process from the homebuilders?

Question 5

Some water utilities argue that they need a separate tap for home fire sprinklers – is this necessary?

Question 6

According to a new study by the NAHB, each $1,000 increase in the cost of a new home forces 206,000 prospective buyers out of the market place. Is this true?

Question 7

Homebuilders still claim that when one sprinkler goes off, they all go off, just like in the movies. Is that true?

Question 8

What is the true cost of home fire sprinklers?

Question 9

Homebuilders argue that the code should make fire sprinklers a consumer option. Is this a good idea?

Question 10

Why do new homes need fire sprinklers? What are the true benefits?

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