March 17, 2008 – Check out the Common Voices podcast on — join Vina Drennan, Amy Acton, Bonnie Woodruff, Chief Dan Jones, and Chief Ron Siarnicki as they take a look at America’s fire problem and explore opportunities to learn from past tragedies.

The stories of Vina, Amy and Bonnie bring to life the message that “Fire Sprinklers Save Lives” and highlight the need for cooperation and collaboration in working to affect change on our nations fire problem. Reflections of the fire that claimed the life of Capt. John Drennan in 1994 and the Chapel Hill fire that claimed young Ben Woodruff’s life in 1996 bring to the forefront the need for fire sprinklers and what happens when they are not present. Amy Acton explores those who survive the fires….and adds the burn survivor piece to this powerful hour long podcast. Chief Siarnicki makes the connection to the Everyone Goes Home program, Life Safety Initiative #15, and highlights the firefighter aspect of this topic. Chief Dan Jones adds a first-person account of how the fire chief needs to be an advocate too!