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Common Voices

Common Voices is an Advocates’ Coalition incorporated in 2010 in Tennessee. The advocates that serve as the Coalition’s Advisory Committee have all been directly affected by fire. By bringing their voices together, they hope to educate others regarding fire and its devastating impact. This Coalition strives to make a difference by sharing their stories and influencing change.

Vina Drennan, Donna Henson, Gail Minger, Bonnie Woodruff, Amy Acton, Justina Page, and Pam Elliott currently serve on the Advisory Committee. Their goal is to develop meaningful ways for their involvement to aid communities across the nation that are being proactive with fire sprinkler legislation. Board members include Gregg Huennekens, Wayne Gey, Vina Drennan, Bonnie Woodruff, Dan Jones, John Viniello and Vickie Pritchett.

The Common Voices Coalition is actively engaged in support of the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act. Members of the Coalition are also available to speak and provide testimony where needed. If you would like to request participation of a Coalition member, please contact us at 615-533-0305 or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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