June 19, 2017 – Common Voices, an advocates’ coalition determined to create a fire safe America, announces the launch of its newly redesigned website, www.FireAdvocates.org. It provides resources and information to assist fire departments and fire safety advocates with their fire prevention messages and fire safety lobbying efforts.

The website features a renewed focus on the stories and experiences of the Common Voices’ advocates who have been affected by fire, whether as burn survivors themselves or through the loss of loved ones. Although there is a lasting impact of the fires that occurred in homes, nightclubs, and on college campuses, the advocates share their stories as means to turn tragedy into advocacy. The goal is to prevent future fire injuries and deaths by promoting better fire prevention measures, fire and building codes, and the installation of fire sprinklers in all types of buildings, especially high-risk occupancies such as high-rises and nightclubs.

Each advocate tell their own story in their own words. Their advocacy accomplishments are also featured. Since 2007, the advocates have been involved in numerous successes to improve fire safety on local and state levels across the country. They recently visited Washington, D.C., and met with state legislators to support the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act. The proposed legislation would provide a financial incentive within the Internal Revenue Code for building owners to retrofit their older buildings with fire sprinkler systems by reducing the depreciation schedule.

Visitors to the website can also keep updated on the activities of the Common Voices advocates through the “News” section, which features the latest news releases, links to media stories, and the Common Voices e-newsletter. Visitors can even sign up to have the e-newsletter delivered directly to their email inbox.

In the “Videos” section of the website, fire departments and fire prevention bureaus will find videos that detail the advocates’ stories, as well as an array of public service announcements that can be used to educate local officials or the general public about fire sprinklers, Christmas tree fire safety, and much more.

If your fire department would like to have one of the Common Voices advocates speak at a hearing about fire safety or fire prevention measures, please fill out the form on the “Contact” page of www.FireAdvocates.org.

About Common Voices: Common Voices (www.FireAdvocates.org) is an advocates’ coalition of members who all have been directly affected by fire. By bringing their voices together, they hope to educate others regarding fire and its devastating impact. Their mission is to create a fire safe America by sharing their stories, creating resources that educate and sharing fire statistics.