Self-Preservation is a Basic Instinct.

Common Voices advocates set the stage for why a focus on the impact of fire is worth a glance. Pause and think about our instinct to survive and ask yourself why do we become complacent when it comes to fire safety? The myth “it’ll never happen to me”….sometimes, the truth burns.

In 2022, Common Voices launched a bold plan to capture the stories of all Common Voices advocates. The dream/plan is to have these stories provide the inspiration for a streaming service to create a Docu-series and/or a documentary called “The Truth Burns.” We believe that these stories are courageous, and that they can make a difference and prevent others from suffering similar tragedies. We hope you will join us in our efforts, share the links via all social media platforms, join our coalition with a donation. Working together, we can save lives, and we thank you for believing in our cause, supporting our advocates, and joining our movement for a Fire Safe America.


Common Voices Advocate Feature

Vina Drennan

Common Voices Advocate Vina Drennan shares candid insight into her husband,  Captain John Drennan, and his death and how she became a lifelong advocate as a result, sharing her story so that others can understand how she turned tragedy into advocacy.

Vina Drennan’s work with Common Voices, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and many other national groups underscores the impact of the Watts Street Fire on New York City and beyond. Vina tells it like it is, and her passion shines through for the cause of fire sprinklers. Exploring the impact that Line of Duty Deaths (LODDs) have on the fire service, the impact that a LODD has on the family and the impact on all involved is a central theme.

For more information about Vina Drennan, click here.

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We’re Still Fighting (Length 2:19 seconds)
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The Job of Common Voices (Length :38 seconds)  
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Nobody Believes It Will Happen To Them (Length :59 seconds)  
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